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MDS Innovation Team
Amy first started the MDS Innovation Team in the fall of 2006 as a response to a request from a group of MDS Coordinators in the Green Bay, WI area who felt that it would be beneficial to have a resource, networking and educational meeting several times a year.  The MDS Innovation Team started out meeting 6 times per year in one location.

Within a year, there were requests from facilities throughout the
state to hold MDS Innovation Team meetings in various areas. The membership in the MDS Innovation Team continued to expand as did the meeting locations.

In the Fall of 2009, LeadingAge Wisconsin took over the administration of the MDS Innovation Team. Amy continues to provide the educational offerings and facilitate the meetings, which are held in 4 locations throughout the state of WI.

The MDS Innovation Teams continue to gather every other month, gaining membership along the way! The current format of the meetings includes industry updates and highlights from CMS, as well as time to address questions and concerns from
members. The opportunity to ask questions and share concerns continues to be valuable, as it allows members a chance to network and learn from peers. The third consistent component of the MDS Innovation Team meetings is the educational offerings. These "hot button" topics vary from month to month, and are often chosen due to member request, and/or relevant updates and changes from CMS. Attendees consistently report that they learn new things at every meeting.

For registration information, fees, meeting schedules, locations and topics contact Sarah at LeadingAge Wisconsin.