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Amy Veldt, RN, RAC-CT, founder and president of Pinnacle Innovative Health Care Solutions, LLC has extensive experience and specialized training in long term care. Areas of focus include regulatory compliance and revenue enhancement  related to the RAI process, as well as medicare, managed care and medicaid. Amy also has expertise in Assisted Living philosophies and regulations.  Amy has helped numerous organizations as they set up and open new Assisted Living facilities, providing assistance with licensure application, service agreements, program statements, and development of policies and procedures.  

Amy works closely with Leading Age Wisconsin on various projects, and is often a speaker at Leading Age WI Spring and Fall conferences as well as educational meetings. As part of this collaboration, Amy offers Leading Age WI providers the option of phone or email contact at no charge for brief questions. Providers are encouraged  to take advantage of this opportunity and contact Amy with questions and concerns related to long term care and assisted living, such as regulatory compliance, systems improvement, revenue and reimbursement, MDS coding, and implementing culture change. 

Pinnacle's goal is to provide highly effective, innovative training solutions to help facilities achieve revenue enhancement and regulatory compliance.

Amy provides customized audits  and education  for Long Term Care and Assisted Living facilities, and has a proven record of motivating teams and individuals to grow professionally and get excited about maximizing reimbursement and maintaining regulatory compliance within their organizations. 

Facilities benefit from value-added recommendations and innovative, sustainable solutions. 

  • Leading Age WI associate member
  • AANAC member